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This is Skyground

SKYGROUND is an entrepreneurial and independent group of fintech companies. Our innovative network comprises brands and companies that create synergies and operate progressively. We stand for quality, client-focused products, services, and a great choice of access to the financial markets.


strategic Approach

We are consistently dedicated, reliable, and always client-focused. Our commitment to innovation and our clients’ financial freedom underpins our transparent and easy-to-use products. This is how we ensure greater opportunities for our clients and our team.


SKYGROUND excels in asset management and builds and backs innovative companies.


Exchange of Ideas

We bring together the best people to transform visionary ideas into businesses that excel.



Our group has a strong network that benefits from a clearly defined, streamlined structure and centralised services, enabling us to deliver quality and value in everything we do.


Product Variety

Our commercial opportunities and markets are vast, and the competition is fierce. We succeed by developing innovative products and services that create real value.


Optimised Processes

As a fintech leader, we know that speed, dynamism and efficiency help to optimise strategic and operational decision-making that generates success.

Konstantin Oelfke & Alexander Oelfke


Konstantin & Alexander Oelfke, Co-CEO's

Our mission is to empower our clients to benefit from the best opportunities to maximise their financial potential.



Our portfolio offers client-focused, high-quality applications and services to all target groups, with secure access to the financial markets. Our goal is to enable our clients’ self-determination by providing them with the tools to navigate easily and efficiently to capitalise on their financial possibilities.


We are relentless in our client focus. At SKYGROUND, we always remain agile, look to the future and help people recognise their financial possibilities. Our group benefits from deep market knowledge and investments in profitable business enterprises, including partnerships.



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